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The purpose of a billboard is to create awareness. It is a huge advertising structure found in high-traffic areas. It advertises services, products and promotions. Billboards is a familiar site along motorways and busy streets. The size of the billboard will determine the construction method and materials. Many buildings alongside a major traffic thoroughfare offer the opportunity of placing billboard advertising and some of their locations might be close to your business or showroom. You can choose a site that will have the most impact.

Directory Signs

Directory signs are crucial for every kind of building– from commercial complexes and hotels to offices, hospitals, airports, casinos and more. These signs enable visitors to find their way throughout the building, whether they need reception, the restrooms, or even the elevator banks. Directory signs must be flexible, as their content will be ever-changing, which make choosing the right kind very important. Directory signs can be flat, curved or illuminated.

Fuel Stations

Fuel station branding consists of well-known standard key elements you would expect. A main pylon or totem sign greeting and attracting traffic from the road. Brightly lit 3D Channel letters on the canopy in combination with a modern under awning LED illumination creates an appearance of freshness in a very competitive industry. Enforce your brand with illuminated pump headers and be a welcoming spot to all travellers. Your convenience store will be a welcoming site to all travellers.

House Numbers

Enhance and improve the appearance of your home with a custom designed house number. Play around with a creative combination of materials or opt for a simple, elegant sign. The type of sign will be designed to reflect your personal style and taste.

Reception Signs

From the moment visitors walk through the door, they begin to collect their impressions of a business. Convey your message and brand specific image. The feel can be corporate with metal cut out letters, warm with wood finishes or modern with layered acrylic materials. Add a modern edge with LED illumination.

Restaurant Signs

Get the customers inside and talking with a blur of creativity and a unique touch. With a way above average design, convey your vision of your eatery and reach your market. Connect with your customers by creating a unique exterior and interior space. Get the mouths talking…

Retail Signs

CoSIGN Studio can assist with a wide variety of bespoke designs to communicate the experience and products the customer can expect inside the store. These signs need to announce who you are, they need to draw in customers and make them want something from you!

Outdoor Signs

Different types of signs can be used as outdoor signs. The most important factors to keep mind is visibility, longevity and UV stability. CoSIGN Studio will assist in making the best choice for the site and surface of installation and your outdoor signage schedule.